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Amateur Radio is more than a hobby!

No matter whether as radio-constructor, as DX man or Contest man, working on VHF/SHF or short waves -

Amateur Radio is a WAY of LIVE !

DXpeditions, island-activities or smaller routes (always related with amateur radio) - thus, my two Hobbies, can be interconnected very well. My second hobby is packpacking and mountain tour walking. In particular in my younger years I loved this hobby. Memories of different routes you can found on my homepage.

After nearly 15 years of honorary duty as DARC coordinator for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries, as well as member of several IARU Region 1 SWG`s, DL6ZFG retired from this in 2005. With pleasure I am looking back to those common activities within those passed years as there are highlight like: common meetings in and outside this country, leadership courses and workshops and especially to the regularly annual “Ham Radio” meetings in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance.
It is my believe that we reached a lot for Amateur Radio at all and in special within the Eastern European and Central Asian countries. I like to thank all of you for your heartily, constructive and friendly cooperation.
A lot of very specific data collected over the amateur radio in these countries and other useful information, which are to be likewise found on my sides.
I hope, it will be helpful for the HAM-Community.


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